Thursday, September 29, 2005

I just returned home from a rousing engagement at the WOMMA Word-of-Mouth vs. Advertising Conference They asked me to share my experience with Cold Stone Creamery's Word of Mouth initiatives which was a great deal of fun. I had never presented to more than a handful of people and this room topped 250 by my estimate.

Was I adored? Most assuredly. But more important was the amazing amount of knowledge I gained from every other speaker. I don't even know where to begin since the agenda was so thick with genius. It will take my sizable brain a few days to process the volume of case studies, examples, research, quips, etc., into any cogent grand strategy about WOM vs. ADV.

The first thing I got from the conference was unexpected. As I listened to the AM speakers, a bit-torrent of WOM tactics I could use for my brand just popped into my mind. Just being in that room seemed enough to break down my mental cubicle walls which held me to traditional marketing. Time once again to annoy my work associates with my stellar insights.

All kudos to Andy Sernovitz, Michael Rubin and the rest of the WOMMA team for arranging this exceptional conference. And thanks to every speaker who contributed -- you've helped a lot of us out here!

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