Wednesday, December 07, 2005


One score and 19 days ago, I founded this modest blog to address word of mouth marketing, advertising common sense and the occasional diatribe on shaving. And today we welcomed our 1,000th visitor, hailing from the proud domain (Go Braves!). Hearty congratulations to that loyal reader.

I was going to offer him/her an official Inkling commemorative spoon, complete with The Hasselhoff's face rendered in mother of pearl and Topaz... but alas, our factory in Laos is short-staffed, what with the bird flu and all. A pity on so many levels.

By reaching 1,000 visitors in 39 days, by my calculations we will host our one millionth visitor by 2105. Look out, Instapundit! Thanks to all for your kind patronage.

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