Tuesday, December 06, 2005

WOMBAT draws nigh.

What is so important about January 19, 2006? No, it's not that it is National Penguin Awareness Day. Okay, it's also the 91st Anniversary of George Claude's patenting of the electric neon sign, but that still isn't what makes the day so special. National Popcorn Day? You aren't even trying anymore are you?

Jan. 19 is important because it is the opening of WOMMA's two-day Word of Mouth Basic Training (WOMBAT) at Disney's Coronado Springs Resort in Orlando, Fla. This conference will teach you the core WOM skills and ROI measurement tools to succeed in our rapidly-changing marketing environment. And you'll be in Florida. In January.

You want authors? WOMBAT has Dave Balter, Jon Berry & Ed Keller, Jackie Huba, Mark Hughes, George Silverman and more. Experts too! Pete Blackshaw, Walter Carl, Jonathan Carson, John Moore, Laurie Weisberg and Terri Whitesel are but a smidgen of the brain trust. Still want more? Okay, okay, I'm speaking as well.

Obviously, my insights alone are worth the admission price. However, WOMMA has made sure that you -- the influential readers of this august blog -- don't need to pay retail. When you register, just use the code "speakerdeal" to received a $100 discount. Sweet.

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Blogger Doug Adamavich said...

...and it takes place the day after my 37th birthday. Just remember that when you are in Orlando Jonnie Boy ;-)

9:20 PM  

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